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Servicing and maintaining your vehicle is crucial for correct operation, and it is also an important part of vehicle ownership. At, we want to help you with all your vehicle servicing requirements. From information to help you service your car, bike or truck to connecting you with the relevant mechanics and service centres.

Servicing your vehicle can not only improve or maintain performance and reliability, it can also help with efficiency and fuel economy. Correct servicing should identify any potential problems and avoid unexpected and costly breakdowns, so taking the time to service your vehicle is definitely smart behaviour.

To find a mechanic to suit your vehicle servicing needs, look no further than our directory listings for mechanics in your area. - your online resource for vehicle servicing.

Minor Servicing

Minor servicing occurs most frequently and takes care of your vehicle's essential requirements. Minor servicing also plays an important role in identifying issues and potential repairs you may need to perform in the future. A good minor service should include:

  • Oil Change
  • Filter Change
  • Inspection
  • Vehicle Checks

Minor servicing is designed to take care of your vehicles vital functions, such as oil and fluid, and make sure everything is operating correctly. For more on vehicle servicing, see our pages dedicated to different types of vehicle servicing.

Major Servicing

Major servicing occurs less frequently than minor servicing and replaces parts that will start to deteriorate from wear and tear issues. A major service will normally include all the elements of a minor service with the following potential additions:

  • Spark plug replacement
  • Timing belts
  • Hoses
  • Air filter
  • Brake inspection
  • Clutch oil
  • Power steering fluid
  • Radiator fluid
  • Mechanical inspection

The amount of servicing your vehicle needs on a major service may depend on factors including how you use the vehicle, the distance you have travelled, the life span of certain parts and the performance and operation of the vehicle. See your mechanic for further information about major servicing.

Why Servicing Is Important

Servicing should be a regular part of owning your vehicle. While you may be able to avoid servicing your vehicle for some time without problems, eventually damage will catch up to you and cost you far more than the original price of proper servicing. For new car owners, servicing is often necessary to preserve the warranty.

If you haven't already, organise a regular service schedule so you can identify when your vehicle is due for a service. This will help your vehicle's performance, reliability, longevity and even fuel economy. To find out more about servicing, contact one of our listed mechanics.

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